Married Man Confesses Why He Killed His Landlady Who Was Also His Sidechic

Ugochukwu Arugo, a 29-year old welder, said he killed his lover, who is also his landlady, Mrs. Ngozi Igwe, to death with a pestle in Aluu community, Rivers State, because she was jealous of his wife.


The suspect, who is a native of Isi-Ala, Imo State, narrated that his victim was his widowed landlady and that they have been in a deep relationship since the death of Ngozi’s husband.


Arugo revealed that trouble started went to his village, married a wife and brought her to live with him.


The suspect said that his landlady who was also his lover was angry with him because he got married and brought his wife into the house.


According to him..

“I am here because I committed a crime. I am 29 years old. 

I did it unknowingly and I never knew it will be like this. It is my landlady whom I am dating in Aluu Community that I killed. 

When I went to my village and married, I brought my wife to the yard and my landlady started quarrelling me. 

She said why will I marry without informing her.

I started having problem with her because of my wife.

I did not let my wife know about it. 

The last time we had problem was in the night. 

As we were quarrelling I used pestle and hit her head, she fell down and died.”


Ugochukwu Arugo kills lady


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